My flaws and righteous are never spoken, My hate and love are never blasted, My sadness and happiness are never rebuked, My insignificane and importance are never displayed, My stupidity and intelligence are never reproved, Because I and myself were never interfaced. Advertisements

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Man created words, Words described meanings, Meanings made perceptions, Perceptions gave believes, Believes discovered individuals. And individuals are stabbing freedom on believes of their perceptions towards words created by man……

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Sometimes feeling lonely is a gift, A gift offered by gods, To know us, From their interpretations, Which makes better I, To know value of existence.   Sometimes being sociable is legacy, A legacy offered by people, To know the value of us, For the benefits of theirs, Which makes better relations, To give value […]

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it is different, to live in every way that was possible to look at it is different, to notice the unexpected happens it is different, to believe the state of solitude,in presence of a man it is different, to think, ho! its never be going to happen it is different for the reason that it […]

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A Question?

so on what side you stand for egg or hen ? seed or tree ? man or messenger ? object or subject? capitalism or communism? beginning or ending……………?

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The irony ; Any independent who brawls against MEDIA is brawling from SOCIAL MEDIA.

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